CB Smoothe La Textura 6 pc Kit 4 oz  of Nourisher Retail
CB Smoothe La Textura 6 pc Kit 4 oz  of Nourisher Retail

CB Smoothe La Textura 6 pc Kit 4 oz of Nourisher Retail

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CB Smoothe La Textura 6 pc Kit

1 Bio Cleanse Shampoo 4 oz- CB Smoothe La Textura Bio Shampoo combines the finest extracts  from the amazon rain forest to cleanse and remove impurities from the scalp and hair. Use BIO Cleanse Shampoo as the first step in the La Textura Keratin Strengthening Complex process to clean the cuticle for optimal results and ensure that the Nourisher is absorbed quickly and thoroughly. Bio Cleanse Shampoo allows the stylist to use a minimal amount of Nourisher.

1 Bio Hydrating Shampoo 4 oz-  CB Smoothe La Textura Bio Hydrating Shampoo infuses hair with nourishing actives and an amino acid complex to hydrate and strengthen hair from within. This exceptional blend will fortify the hair against external aggressors (UV rays, wind, weather). When used with La Textura Bio Restore Masque, hair appears smooth and healthy. 

1 Bio Restore masque 4 oz- CB Smoothe La Textura Bio Restore Masque delivers heat infused aminos with a patented protein complex to repair damaged hair and restore proper moisture balance. The application of heat releases the aminos and actives which attach to distressed areas of the hair. This synergy between the actives and aminos nourishes and strengthens deep into the hair shaft. The result is fabulously silky hair that moves naturally. 

1 Bio Restore leave-in In Conditioner 4 oz- CB Smoothe La Textura Bio Restore Leave In Conditioner replenishes moisture while protecting hair from harmful environmental effects. Leaves hair soft, shiny and easy to manage. This product can also be used as a styling cream.

1 Nourisher 4 oz- La Textura NOURISHER is designed for use on your relaxed, transitioning, and naturally curly clients. The rich Nourisher foam supplies heat-infused amino acid and carbocytcine molecules into the cortex to strengthen and elongate the cuticle. Unruly hair is transformed into silky, beautiful, and healthy hair without BREAKING BONDS! Nourisher results in a stronger hair strand "nourished" from the inside out. Witness this breakthrough technology for yourself. No more flyaways and split ends. Hair actually improves after each use. Nourisher creates the dramatic effect of a "relaxed" look for the client as she feels for herself how silky, strong, beautiful, and healthy her hair has become. it is truly amazing!

1 Amino Elixir 4 oz- CB Smoothe La Textura Amino Elixir fuses each hair strand with amino acids and a unique protein complex to bring a dramatic. finish to the smoothing process. As hair becomes energized with amino elixir it moves natural with amazing shine. 


This product is for Licensed Professionals Only. To have your order confirmed, we must have your professional license on file. You can email your licenses information to newsupplyzone@yahoo.com or please call 314-254-7556. Monday through Saturday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm