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Nairobi Pamperlizer™ Neutralizing Shampoo is Step 3 of the Pamper™ Relaxer System. This rich conditioning shampoo is designed to neutralize hair's alkalinity and helps restore a normal ph level. Contains highly buffered balancing agents, plus a chelating agent and conditioners to effectively remove oily residue and mineral deposits. Contains Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Lysine HCL, and UV filters to maximize its conditioning, strengthening, and moisturizing performance. Releases a pampering botanicals calming fragrance blend for a pleasant and alluring wellness experience. Ph balance at 5.75 Removes traces of residual oils after relaxer Removes traces of residual alkali De-calcifies, removes mineral deposits Ph color indicator for thorough removal of relaxers Moisturizes and realigns cuticles Use after Pamper™ Relaxer System or any sodium or no-lye relaxer.