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Nairobi Stimu Sil 28 oz (Licensed Professionals Only)

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Nairobi® laboratory research introduces a totally new, high potency treatment conditioner. Fortified with natural lipids, botanical complex and vitamins. Stimu-sil™ promotes healthy hair growth and invigorates the scalp's follicle function. Invigorates and stimulates hair and scalp with perfect conditioning with every use. Ph balance at 4.5 Penetrates the surface layer of scalp and hair shaft, and imparts oils and moisture to correct damaged, dry areas. Cools and refreshes hair and scalp. Makes hair more pliable and tangle free ...easier to manage! Works exceptionally well after use of chemical services. These products prices are for Licensed Professionals Only. To have your order confirm, we must have your professional license on file. You can email your licenses information to or please call 314-254-7556. Monday through Saturday 9:00 am to 7:00 p